Skip one meal a day for 21 days and use the time you would normally spend eating that meal to pause and pray.

We’ll have daily prayer points online you can engage with.

We’re encouraging our community to commit to 6am, Midday or 6pm (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Choose whichever meal works for you in the context of the rest of your life and family rhythms. 

Set a reminder in your phone to pause and pray.

We’ve sensed the Lord calling us to a season of intentional prayer

for the spiritual and social renewal of our region, city and nation

We’ve sensed the call to Radical Devotion

to go deeper and to grow in intimacy with God.

Fasting is an intentional act of decrease in order that our appetite and hunger for God would increase. In fasting we create room to pray and seek God for his will and to partner with him in what he wants to accomplish in us, to us and through us.

How can I get involved?

  1. Personal response – Join us in skipping a meal a day for 21 days and spending time in focused prayer.
  2. Corporate response – Join us on Sunday evenings (March 3 – 24) at 5pm for an hour of worship, prayer and ministry.

Here’s some tips to help you prepare

1. What are you fasting for? (Set your objective)

Spiritual breakthrough, healing, financial, direction, purpose, restoration, salvations. Write it down, keep a journal.



2. What kind of fast is God inviting you to?

Jesus implied that all of His followers should fast (Matthew 6:16-18; 9:14,15). For Him it was a matter of when believers would fast, not if they would do it. 

As a church we’re calling our community to fast one meal per day, breakfast, lunch or dinner. 6am, Midday or 6pm.


3. What if I can’t skip a meal a day?

  • If you can’t fast a meal there’s plenty of other things you can fast. It could be something that you go to for comfort like social media, gaming, TV/Netflix or a range of other things. Ask God to reveal to you an area which He would like to break through in your life.

4. What time of the day will you set aside to pray?

As a church we’re encouraging our community to fast at 6am, Midday or 6pm (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Fasting is about resisting the craving and comforts of self to crave and pursue God’s presence and activity in your life more. Be intentional about dedicating set time every day to prayer, and set a reminder.



5. Keep a fasting journal

Expect God to speak! Document what you hear during, and after the fast, as breakthrough often happens after.



6. Fast with someone

Two are better than one. This is something families, friends and life groups can engage in together. People fasting and praying together has a powerful impact!



7. Prepare physically

If you’re considering doing a significant food fast begin 2-3 days early by reducing your intake and increasing fruit, vegetables and water as a way to detox slowly.



8. Prepare spiritually

Invite God to examine your heart (Psalm 139) and show you those things that are holding you back from experiencing breakthrough and growth in your life.



9. Don’t give up!

If you break the fast – or fail in some way – don’t be overcome with condemnation. Remember God’s grace is sufficient for you! – Hit the reset button and keep going!

March 4 – 24, 2024