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An Unfinished Project

29/10/2023 - Matthew Destry

how to hold on till the end

Why is following Jesus a project worth completing?

The book of Jude: people, place, time

to understand the words of the text we must first understand the world of the text

Let’s take a look at the Bible

Read the book of Jude

  1. Be known for who you are not, rather than for who you are — v 1-2
  2. Let history teach you something — v 3-7
  3. Guard. Your. Heart. — v 8-16
  4. Maintain your life with God — v 17-23

These are a call to ‘monkey grip’ with community.

First, build yourselves up in ‘your most holy faith’.

Second,pray in the holy spirit.

Third, keep yourselves in the love of God.

Fourth, wait patiently for the mercy.

Fifth – Show mercy to others.

5. Make worship central to your life — v 24-25