Stuck on You – Tiani Walters

Pastor Tiani wrapped up our Summer Series ‘Unmasked’ last Sunday with her message ‘Stuck On You’. Tiani looked at Mary Magdalene, a woman who had so many ugly labels put on her by the world. But after her life was touched by a relationship with Jesus, she was no longer defined by what the world said of her but instead, by the words of Christ.

Tiani Walters

One Hit Wonder – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt Destry’s message ‘One Hit Wonder’ begins our December series ‘Alpha & Omega’. In this first message, Pastor Matt begins to paint the picture of how, right at the very beginning of scripture in the book of Genesis, we see how Jesus is there. We know He is at the end and we can have the assurance that He is with us right now.

Matt Destry

Soul Knitted – Ben Kumar

In his message Soul Knitted, Pastor Ben Kumar speaks on friendship, opening with the statistic in a recent study that 55% of people reported being lonely. He shared from Proverbs 18:24, where it speaks about a friend who sticks closer than a brother. The friendship between David and Jonothan was this kind of ‘soul knitted’ friendship. We need this kind of friendship in our lives. Pastor Ben gave us some wise advice on how to cultivate and recognise this kind of deep friendship.

Ben Kumar

The Lord Will Provide – Phil Hamilton

Pastor Phil Hamilton’s message ‘The Lord Will Provide’ is based from Genesis 22 this weekend. Sometimes we might be tempted to question: Is the Lord good? Can the Lord be trusted? Is God dependable? But the Lord provides the peace of His presence in the most devastating of circumstances. He is with us.

Phil Hamilton

Build Your Life on God’s Reality – Ben Kumar

In his message titled “Build Your Life on God’s Reality”, Pastor Ben Kumar asks several questions. Is the Kingdom of God idealistic or real? Do you live your life out of the belief that God’s Kingdom is real? How do you allow this Kingdom reality to shape your life? Pastor Ben gives us practical ways to start living out of Kingdom reality.

Ben Kumar