Fast Devotional #12 – Empowered To Lead


By David Breen – General Manager of Training, Discovery Community Care


1 Samuel 16: 11-13, 17: 45-47, 18: 12-16

“So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers and from that day on the Spirit of the LORD came upon David in power.”


In a Facebook video recently someone filmed a goat running ahead of a car out on a country dirt road – the goat, it was said, was being “led” by the person in the car travelling behind it! The goat went all over the road and looked like it had no idea where to go!

Whoever heard of trying to lead a goat from behind? You may as well try to herd cats! It’s not going to happen – sheep and goats need a shepherd who is out front and has the skill and ability to keep them on track. They are prone to wander and to get lost if they are not well led.

David was chosen by God because he was a good shepherd – he had fought lions and bears – and God anointed him with his Spirit to lead the people of Israel as king. David was able to step up and lead Israel against Goliath because of his skill as a shepherd and because of the power of the Spirit on his life. The prophetic word David said to Goliath was a direct result of the presence of the Lord Almighty, the Living Word, being upon David. He killed the giant, gave the Israelite army hope and led the soldiers to rout the Philistines because God had anointed him to lead. Saul recognised this and later became afraid of David because he saw the power of God on him. The Israelites rejoiced because their enemy was dead and a great leader had risen among them.

The Lord still chooses, anoints and appoints leaders today who speak his word with power and lead his people to do God’s will. Whether it’s the work of re-building, like Nehemiah with the wall of Jerusalem, or fighting the good fight of faith in our post-modern world, great leadership is required. We can confidently follow the leaders God has anointed and appointed because his Spirit is upon them, and they have the skills to do what God has called them to do. As Psalm 78: 70-72 reminds us, “David shepherded them with integrity of heart and skilful hands he led them.” Let’s follow our leaders that God has anointed and together we can win the battles we face both individually and corporately.


Holy Spirit, thank you that you still anoint and appoint leaders that confidently lead your people to victory over the enemy. Your word is true and you give power to those whom you choose. Please bless my leaders. Thank you for them and for the power and skill you have given them. I want to be a blessing to them as I faithfully serve you in what they ask me to do.