Fast Devotional #17 – I Stand In Awe


By David Breen – General Manager of Training, Discovery Community Care


Psalm 119: 38

Fulfil your promise to your servant, so that you may be feared. (NIV)


It was pitch black as I stood out in the middle of the Nevada desert. There was no natural light anywhere to be seen from East to West and horizon to rocky horizon. The sky was filled with multiple millions of lights at every angle of the arc of the sky and they all sparkled uninterrupted directly into my eye gate – my brain was stimulated by the thunderous chorus of light. In every direction I looked there were stars and planets shining brilliantly. I stood in awe of the glorious sight of a billion stars shining all at once in that desert sky scape – I gasped inwards in the moment of wonder and amazement … soaking in the majesty of the created expanse of the heavens. It was truly awesome!

Our view of the God of heaven, who created the stars, can be awesome too. However, the fear of God is not a popular topic these days. It does not get much press or attention in popular writings (with the exception of Joy Dawson). Not surprising as it has a ring to it that seems dark and odious. Actually it is a fascinating concept that needs revisiting and one that grabbed me recently when I read Psalm 119 (over several days, actually, as it has over 100 verses!).

Have you surveyed the heavens from the desert or stood on the Sydney harbour bridge or climbed to the top of a tall mountain like Uluru? That moment of wonder, that moment of gasping in the air, and being amazed at what you see, is that sense of awe the Psalmist is referring to here in this verse. It’s a sense of reverence for the awesome creator we call Father God – the one who created the stars and the glory of the heavens.

Fear of God can seem to be an abstract attitude or concept – something we do because He is GOD, and way superior to us. Yet it is not the big bad mean God who is watching to see if you will mess up that we are to fear or reverence – it’s the up close and personal God who fulfils his promises. He is much closer to us than the cosmos and the galaxies, He is the Father who is with us like a gentle shepherd and who loves us with an unending love.  The fear of God is a process of learning to understand our wonderful heavenly Father does what he says and always fulfils his promises. Do you have any doubts that the One who created the stars and solar systems cares intimately for you? Do you stand in wonder of Him just because he is beyond your imagination? Or have you taken the next deeper step to seek Him personally and prove for yourself – He will never will let you down?

The awesome God who made the wonderful stars is also the one who will never fail you or let you down. He will always fulfil his promise to you but you need to ask him and trust him even when the heavens seem cold, distant and disinterested in you. He is here, NOW. He will never fail you! He will fulfil his promise to you – just ask and trust! Then you will know the fear of the Lord.


Father of lights who created the heavens and all that is in them I am in awe of you, and yet there are times I wonder … do you really care about the little things that concern me? Like the Psalmist I pray, fulfil your promise to your servant that I may fear you and stand in awe of your personal concern for little me. I want to love you more; help me to trust you more in this journey I am on. Amen