Fast Devotional #20 – Elohim


By David Breen – General Manager of Training, Discovery Community Care

Elohim: Our help in times of trouble


Nehemiah 6: 16 

When all our enemies heard about this … (they) lost their self-confidence, because they realised that this work had been done with the help of our God.


The most significant time to gain understanding of God’s faithfulness in our lives is when we are hard pressed by the challenges of life! We gain the most and learn God is faithful in the fires of adversity. We all love to be pampered and have an easy life – let’s be honest who likes to be attacked and go through difficulties? If we could, we would choose the easy life, but if we want to get know the faithfulness of God it has to come through adversity.

Nehemiah and his workers were attacked, ridiculed and even prophesised against by prophets (verse 14) as they constructed the walls in obedience to God. They were threatened by attack from bandits and warriors who wanted them to stop the work – they feared for their lives. It was a case of sword in one hand and brick trowel in the other; one person on guard and the other carrying the stones and wood to rebuild the walls of the city of God.

However, they kept going, kept praying, kept believing and they completed the work because they knew their God was with them. The overall effect caused their enemies to became afraid and lose their self-confidence. God helped them and the enemy was dealt a major blow – God was with them even in the face of great opposition and challenge.

Did you notice the process that occurred in this chapter? The walls were being rebuilt in obedience to God, the opposition came from the enemy in various and ongoing forms, but Nehemiah prays for strength and keeps going. More opposition – even hired hit men tried to intimidate him and discredit him … it just kept getting worse … but the work kept going because the vision was clear. Then the job was complete and the enemy became afraid. God, whose name is Elohim, the supreme God, was Israel’s help. The process was obedience, opposition, prayer, action and results (the enemy has fallen).

Opposition will come and it will get tough. Jesus was clear; In this world you will have trouble (John 16:33) … we need to get used to the fact that if we are going to do the will of God we will be opposed! BUT God is faithful and when we pray and keep working together and keep the vision clear we will finish the work – and the enemy will be afraid and lose confidence. The promise of God is the same throughout the Bible – he is always with us and we can finish what he has given us to do even if it gets rough. WE will be victorious!


God, Elohim, the supreme One, thank you that we have stories like Nehemiah to encourage us to keep going and finish the work you gave us to do. You are faithful and when we pray and trust you, work hard together and keep our eyes on the vision we will be victorious. Thank you that the enemy, though he threaten us and intimidate us, You are the One who will help us to get the work done! Amen.