Fast Devotional #3 – Re-build The Walls


By David Breen – General Manager of Training, Discovery Community Care


Nehemiah 2: 1-20


In the movie Braveheart, a great motivational speech is given to the Scottish men at arms who are about to engage in a battle with the English enemy. William Wallis urges them to fight and not go home and regret it later. Great speeches move and motivate people not because of the shouting or emotion in the voice but because it captures the moment and hearts of the people to do what they know must be done, but had lacked the courage or solidarity to act.

Nehemiah gave a short but powerful speech in this passage; it motivated the people to act, to respond and to build the walls – but had lacked the willingness, wit or whim to do so previously. Nehemiah was able to capture the moment, to bring the people together and invite them to step up to the challenge to do the great work. They did not have to fight a war, attack an enemy or march off into battle, but they did have to take up the challenge and work with all their hearts and souls, together, to get the job done.

Nehemiah knew the problem – it was obvious – the walls were down and the gates burned – they were vulnerable to attack – but worse they were a disgrace. The pathetic state of the walls was a symbol of disgrace rather than blessing. It’s amazing, but in this very real and physical world, God’s grace, or lack of it, is very often evidenced by physical structures and forms. A mature person’s response to the challenges of life often reveals the grace of God in their lives. If there is brokenness in our lives it can be a dis-grace – it may be an area where God’s grace has not yet rebuilt the walls in our lives.

We need to respond to the call of God in our lives that comes to us like the great speech of Nehemiah did to the people of Israel: “Come, let us rebuild …” When the grace of God is revealed to us it is essential that we work with God so that His grace will bring maturity to every area of our lives. What area of your life is God calling you to join with him in rebuilding? You are the body of Christ and he wants you and all his church to be whole and complete – not broken down.

Jesus is calling us to join him and to experience his grace in our lives and in the lives of others. Maybe you need to hear the word of the greatest leader of all time that speaks to you now and says, “You will no longer be in disgrace” His gracious hand is on you and he will rebuild you and his church. Let’s respond with willingness and full of faith and say with the people of Nehemiah’s day, “Let us start re-building.”


Lord Jesus, thank you for speaking to me and calling me to Come, rebuild the ruined walls. Thank you that your gracious hand is on my life today to help me to step up and be part of what you are doing to rebuild every part of my life and to rebuild the church physically too. Help me to do whatever you put in my heart to do and to have the faith that you grace is upon me, amen.