Fasting Super Pack



Dear Church,

Our 21 day Churchwide fast is nearly upon us.

The Leadership called this Fast so we could as one body, seek breakthrough into the season of God we firmly believe is just ahead of us.

We want to support and resource you so that you will have an incredibly effective time of fasting, both personally and for us as Discovery Church.

The links in the email make up your Fasting “Superpack”. The Superpack contains a collection of ready useful short videos and printable material that will help you clearly understand WHY we are fasting and will provide you with some practical tips on the HOW and WHAT.

The Video Album below contains a series of six brief videos to help you prepare and focus on the Fast.


  • To learn WHAT a fast is watch HERE.
  • To fully understand WHY we are fasting watch HERE.
  • To learn 5 important reasons why a Christian SHOULD fast watch HERE.
  • To learn HOW to have an effective fast watch HERE.
  • To learn all about doing an effective Prayer Walk, being “ON-SITE WITH IN-SIGHT” watch HERE.

Your Superpack also contains TWO pdf documents to print out if you wish. The first pdf is the excellent Fasting booklet prepared by Jentezen Franklin.


The second pdf is a simple “How To” guide on conducting a Prayer Walk.


I am really looking forward to what this fast will do IN and THROUGH each of us but also collectively as a Church.

Love Roh