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Fertile Ground

07/01/2024 - Doug Pors

Parable of the Farmer, or sower.
Matthew 13: 1-23.
The parable was used by Jesus to tell an earthly story with a Kingdom meaning.
The farmer or sower is a representation of God the Father.
He is the one who sows the seed, not us.
Jesus speaks about four kinds of ground. Hard, rocky, thorny and good.
As Jesus jewish hearers would have wanted to know which of the grounds they identify with, we are asked the same question. Which ground am I?
The message of the Kingdom and the message of the Gospel.
Jesus  explains the parable to the disciples and speaks about the message of the Kingdom.  The fact that God wants us! Wants relationship with us. Wants us to be close to him.
The Apostles’ message was about the message of the Gospel, in which Jesus offers himself to make the Kingdom message possible!
The four grounds. Jesus compares the ground to our hearts and the seed is Holy Spirit.
The hard ground.
When our hearts have been trampled, we become hard and resistant to the Spirit. Just like Hard ground is resistant to the rain. The evil one can easily snatch us away from becoming soft and receptive to God.
The rocky ground.
When our circumstances keep us from being receptive to the planting of the Spirit in us , we need to remember that Jesus has come so that His new covenant erases the need to see our circumstances as God’s response to us.
We have gone from circumstantial to relational.
The thorny ground.
When the worries of life draw us away from God and our propensity to be lured by our comfort and wealth to satisfy, we struggle to surrender to Holy Spirit as he invites us into relationship with him.
Jesus tells us earlier in Matthew not to worry about the daily needs we have.
What are the weeds we need to confess and be accountable to removing?
The good soil.
Jesus speaks about the harvest that will come from good soil.
This harvest will be the fruit of the Spirit that God the Farmer plants in the good soil of our hearts. As this fruit is seen in action by people around us, they too will be invited to make their hearts good soil for the planting of the Spirit, by God.
It’s not about activity, it’s about proximity.
The closer we position ourselves to God, by Prayer that is open, honest and authentic, the more we will be empowered by our relationship with Him.
The things that we do, prayer time devotionals, Small groups, going to church, won’t bring us closer to God, as we get closer to God we find ourselves responding to his love with a desire to speak with him, learning about his word, being in community.
 These are the responses to being in a close relationship with him.
Lets spend this next few weeks becoming the good soil that Jesus can plant his Spirit in for 2024.