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How do I find peace in my life

11/06/2023 - Philip Hamilton

In the bible, the Hebrew word for peace is ‘Shalom’ meaning peace with justice or wholeness that goes beyond the superficial.

We are living in an era of extreme isolation – the ongoing pandemic in our culture today is loneliness. There’s a poverty of relationships that exists in our culture, that’s not only causing us to be lonely, it’s also got major health implications.

Q/ Why is this important for us today?

We’re called as Christians biblically to care for the vulnerable, particularly where we see relational poverty.

‌Not only modelled by the first disciples but these principles are enshrined in Old Testament law as well:

– Leviticus 23:22

– Deuteronomy 14:28-29

God put systems in place to protect what bible scholars call the quartet of the vulnerable – the poor, foreigners, orphans and widows

Biblically the bible defines poverty in terms of relationships – because its seen as a justice issue.

Key verses: Ruth 2:1-12

In Ruth 2:1-7 we see:

  • Ruth’s disconnection
  • Ruth’s isolation
  • Ruth’s vulnerability

Ruth meets all four of the categories in the quartet of the vulnerable – she’s a foreigner in Bethlehem with no status as a Jew, essentially an orphan, she’s poor (due to famine) and is also a widow.

In the absence of relationships, there is an absence of shalom – peace with wholeness.

Q/ So how do we find peace with wholeness in this life?

Peace with wholeness is found in 3 important areas:

  1. Building (& restoring) relationships
  2. Forgive relational grievances
  3. Trusting God for this season

In Ruth 2: 8-12 we see how Boaz’s redemption of Ruth is a picture of Christ redeeming us. In other words, Boaz foreshadows the kinsman-redeemer we have in Jesus. Even in the most hopeless of situations – God is able to find a way to bring you peace.

Romans 5:1 “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”


Ultimately, peace with wholeness is found in wholeness of relationship to Jesus

Questions for reflection:

Q/ Who’s isolated and disconnected in your world that you can share peace with?

Q/ Who are the people in your world you need to forgive so you can experience peace?

Q/ What do you think peace with wholeness would look like for you in this season?