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How to live through troubled times (A call to prayer)

14/08/2022 - Matt Destry

Revelation 5:1-6

Who is in charge around here?
Who controls world history?

5 options:

  1. The revolving door
  2. The ancient watchmaker
  3. The impatient child
  4. The infinite abyss
  5. The faithful King

3 essential frames for understanding Revelation’s storyline

a/ The frame of ‘telos’
Jesus is leading us toward something beautiful

b/ The frame of diagnosis
Evil must be exposed before it can be addressed

c/ The frame of purpose
‘Why’ is more important than ‘when’

And now, we meet Jesus.

He is the only one who is worthy to take the scroll of God’s redemptive plan and lead us through it.

Revelation 6:1-11 All hell breaks loose!

War between nations
Violence between individuals
Disparity between poor and rich
Famine and disease

A cry from the persecuted church — how long, O Lord!
No wonder we ask, “Who’s in charge around here?” So,
what is God doing in the midst of it all?

  1. He sends His Spirit
    Revelation 6:12-17
  2. He seals His church
    Revelation 7:1-4
  3. He stirs our prayers
    Revelation 8:1-5

We contribute to the unfolding of history by our prayers

  1. A prayer-inspired patience
    Question: What are you angry about? Why are you restless? What’s eating at you? How might you
    be able to own those emotions as you pray?
  2. An awareness of God’s presence
    Question: How might you be able to take an awareness of God’s presence into every sphere of your life? How might that change things?
  3. A confidence in our position
    Question: How do you see yourself? How does that colour your life and relationships?