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Jars of Clay

30/04/2023 - Doug Pors

How fun is pottery?

Forming something from a lump of clay and making something with a purpose. But this object only has purpose when it is filled.

How are we being filled? And are the ways we are filling ourselves serving us well?

Richard Rohr said’ Unless we are led to the limits of our present game plan… we will not search or find the real source.’

The refilling of the Spirit, ‘the real source’, is an action of surrender of our will, hearts and world to Him, so that we are equipped to preach the good news of the kingdom.

We see examples of people being filled and then finding their purpose in Adam, Jesus, his disciples and Paul. All of them being able to step into their purpose as they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

  1. Are you feeling Purpose-full? Do you need a re-filling?

Holy Spirit is generous and extravagant when it comes to filling us. No matter what we are facing He is keen to supply us with His own presence in overflowing ways. Empowering us with gifts to use to empower and encourage others on their journey.

If we find our purpose as earthen vessels, or jars of clay, then let’s accept His invitation to be filled again and again.

  1. Are we too full of ourselves to be surrendered?

How can we prioritise the work of Holy Spirit within us?

Who can help us be accountable for making changes?