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Mobilised for mission

28/05/2023 - Jody Destry

Key Scriptures:
Acts 1:12-14
Acts 2:1-13
Acts 2:14-41 
What is Pentecost?
Pentekoste (Greek)  – meaning 50
  • 5o days after Easter
  • An agricultural festival – wheat harvest
  • the birthday of the Christian Church and the start of the mission of the Church to the world
  • marked by the sending of the Spirit
Symbolism of the Holy Spirit – Wind and Fire

1/ The Holy Spirit is Personal

  • initiate setting of friends and family – inside a house
  • flames of fire settled on each person
  • everyone is included (men, women)
  • everyone is filled
  • everyone is empowered to be a witness
  • HS personal but NOT private
2/ The Holy Spirit is Public
  • from the upper room to 3000 to the known world
  • loud and drew a crowd
  • catalyst moment that began a movement that is still travelling around the world
3/ The Holy Spirit empowers us for mission and ministry
  • they were filled and sent
  • everyone heard it in their own language
  • the spread of the gospel and the birth of the church

1/ What language has God called you to speak?

2/ What community, culture, tribe, people group, sphere, sector or subculture is God sending YOU to?


How is God wanting to empower you afresh for His mission today?