Hope began as a seed. In it, the entire hope of the world was contained. From the seed of David, Hope came; foretold in the book of Isaiah by a name;


God with us.

“Our God contracted to a span

Incomprehensibly made man.”

We bear witness to who God is. Through Him, ALL things are possible. He can do great things with even the smallest of things! He is Sovereign! In no situation is God limited or incapable. Sin will never defeat God. God will never be contained by sin. He once became sin—once, for all time—and putting the chains around captivity, from the inside of death, He turned it inside out so that He was in possession of the captor. His Glory consumed the consumer, His Hope burst forth, extending far beyond the reach of death—and still in eternal expansion, death may never catch up, may never be the all consuming fire. This is what the Lord had promised.

“FOR IN HOPE WE WERE SAVED, AND HOPE BEHELD IS NOT HOPE; for what any one doth behold, why also doth he hope for [it]?

and if what we do not BEHOLD WE HOPE FOR, through continuance we EXPECT [IT].”


He gave the world a seed and said, “You are My Servant, Israel, In Whom I will show My Glory.”