DCC – Timeline of transition since June 2021

  • June 2021 – DCC Board decision to relocate to Mount Evelyn announced (location TBC)
  • July – Communications roll-out
  • August – Urban planning report & DC Property Committee recommendation – DCC Board decision to relocate to the house at 87 Monbulk Road
  • September & October – Research, design and development of 4 bay shed & appointment of contractor
  • November – Appointment of building designer for house plans / finalisation of shed plans and soil test/ survey for shed planning submission
  • December 2021 – Planning approval for sheds. House internal demolition works
    • DCC – Elishacare taken on as head-lessee at Beresford Rd – DCC sub-lease.
  • January 2022 – Building permit submission for sheds. Ongoing internal demolition
  • February – Commercial premises compliance – house design challenges (including asbestos) / ordering of construction materials
  • March – Building permit approval for sheds / concrete slab laid. External house painting and electrical work
  • April – Structural survey at house – approval for specifications on internal wall removal and floor loadings
  • May – Notice to vacate Beresford Road – 30th Soil test for finalised drawings/ building permit submission for internal house works. Finalise house design drawings & building permit for internal house works.
  • June – 9th-10th – delivery of manufactured shed materials to site. Relocate DCC operations to 87-89 Monbulk Rd
  • End July – Hoped for completion / full relocation of DCC into house