Our Story

Discovery Church has been a part of the Mount Evelyn community since 1947. Beginning as Mount Evelyn Church of Christ; the community took shape as a faithful Bible Study group consisting of just 6 members. The group then developed into a small church led by Bible College students and continued to grow steadily in numbers and impact. The burgeoning faith community changed locations several times in the early 80’s as the congregation grew and went through many transitions, including a change of name to Mount Evelyn Christian Fellowship.

In 1983 the church called Allan Meyer to become the Senior Pastor. Under his leadership the church grew in maturity and numbers, and enjoyed a great season of fruitfulness. In 1988, the church building burnt down which led to the purchase of the land we now sit on at 89 Monbulk Rd, Mount Evelyn. This mud-brick facility was built by its members over the following four years and was completed in 1992, becoming home to a congregation of over 1000. The name was changed again in 2003 to Careforce Church to reflect and align with the recovery programs that were crucial to the ministry of the church at the time.

Leadership then passed on to Rohan and Megan Dredge in 2008 as they stewarded God’s next season for the church. Becoming known as Discovery Church in 2013, the community continued to refine and focus her intent to reach people and lead them towards Jesus. In 2018, Matt and Jody Destry began in their roles as Senior Pastors. Under their leadership, the values of creativity, restoration and belonging were drawn from the rich history of the church in the local community, along with our vision to see Every heart found in Jesus’ story. Discovery now stands on the edge of a new season, propelled by the past and excited by the future with Jesus at the centre. We’d love for you to come and join us, and find yourself in a bigger story.