Provision of Home and Finance


Amy, Lilydale

“I received a 60 day notice to vacate the home that I’ve lived in for almost 7 years with my children. There is so much competition in the rental market I was afraid I might not find and secure a suitable home in time. I prayed for the right home to become available. Three days later I went to see a few houses that were open for inspection and the first house I went to I was the only person there. It was the right location, right features and right price. The following day two ladies from Careforce Church prayed for provision and peace with me after the service. The very next day I applied for it and a day later the house was offered to me. Praise God. Now I had another dilemma. It had all happened so quickly I was caught unprepared and needed to pay $3040 in bond and rent within 5 days! I shot off an email to an amazing prayer warrior friend who told me she saw money with legs running towards me so fast the notes and coins were out of breath! 24 hours later I received a notification from Centrelink to say that my Family Tax Benefit had been reconciled for the Financial Year and that $2506 was being deposited into my account the next day. So, I had everything I needed in record time. Talk about miracles. GOD IS GOOD. It is as simple as that.”