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Relatives + Restoration = Real Life

18/09/2022 - Doug Pors

We Need To Talk Family

Everyone’s experience of family is varied.

From awesome to really challenging, from healthy to fully dysfunctional.

Especially for the most vulnerable in our community… children.

I think we need to talk about family, because it is so important to God.


We are designed to be in relationship with God and in healthy flourishing relationships with others. And we know that family takes on many and varied forms.

We live in a fallen world and that in many ways our relationships and families are N.Q.R.

But God is all about restoration.

Our family histories have all kinds of influence on us.

And it is the same in the family line of Jesus.

  1. How does my family history impact me today?
  2. Am I open to have others speak into my challenges?
  3. Who could help me to create healthier spaces for my family.

Matthew 1:1-16. The genealogy of Jesus.

This list of people should never have come together like this.

Historical, religious and cultural restrictions meant that many should not have been included.

The Grace that God shows in the lives of these people in including them in Jesus family line.

We can model our conversations and actions with grace and health rather than frustration and separation. Easier said than done though, right?

The encouragement though is the plan of God for restoration is seen in the way Matthew writes the genealogy of Jesus.

He divides the names into three sections.

Abraham to King David= the journey of God’s people to its peak.

Solomon to Josiah = the shame and exile of God’s people.

Jeconiah to Jesus= the ultimate redemption and restoration of God’s people in Jesus.

The ultimate plan of God is Grace filled restoration for all people to himself, seen in Jesus.

Understanding that grace in our own lives gives us the ability to operate in the same way for others.

The growth of Grace in our lives is part of our discipleship.

Jesus words were: Give and it will be given to you!

What stops you from moving forward in this area of discipleship?

How do we exercise that grace in our week?

The ‘It Takes A Village Initiative’, might be a way for your family to support some of the most vulnerable in our community in a practical way.

There is a growing need for stable and loving environments for children who need out of home care.

Is getting involved in out of home care a call on your life?

Begin to seek Holy Spirit’s guidance. Build your awareness of needs in our community.

Create space for Grace-filled conversations with your own family.