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Altitude #8 – Matt Destry

Matt speaks to us on how we live in a place of counter culture. We can see how our conflict comes into context: we have a great joy that can never be taken away even in the midst of persecution and suffering. Matt Destry

Altitude #7 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry continues our journey through the Beatitudes looking at Blessed are the Pure in Heart and Blessed are the Peacemakers. Matt Destry

Altitude #6 – Melinda Dwight

Melinda Dwight, Director of Alpha Australia was our guest speaker for this message. Melinda spoke on the Next Step. Using the example of Peter stepping out of the boat, she outlined those next steps we need to take as Christians to boldly share our faith in Christ. First we need to step away, away from […]

Altitude #5 – Tiani Walters

Tiani Walters, Youth Pastor of Discovery Church speaks on how precious the mercy of God is to the world. In His Mercy we are loved without needing to be perfect, without needing to jump through hoops to win approval. Tiani Walters

Altitude #4 – Jody Destry

In this message in our Altitude series, Jody Destry speaks about Jesus. Using the story of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well, we see how in this woman’s interaction with Jesus mercy triumphs over judgement. In Christ we will find the mercy we are looking for. Jody Destry

Altitude #3 – Ben Kumar

Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar, speaks on being blessed in the Kingdom when we relinquish control over to God. Ben Kumar

Altitude #2 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry speaks on Blessed are those who Mourn and Blessed are the Meek in this 2nd message in our Altitude series. Matt Destry

Altitude #1

New series “Altitude” is based around the Beatitudes. Matt Destry looks in depth at “Blessed are the poor in spirit” How can being poor in spirit equate to being blessed? Listen to the message and find out! Matt Destry