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Ancient Paths #4 – Matt Destry

Wrapping up the “Ancient Paths” series, Matt Destry spoke on the power of drawing back in order to propel forward into the future. Just as Jesus walked the ancient paths by going to solitary places to pray and hear from the Father, we are also encouraged to find those secret places of solitary and rest. […]

Ancient Paths #3 – Jody Destry

Jody Destry speaks on the spiritual practise of Belonging. She reminds us that we all carry a little bit of weirdness within us and that we are wired to embrace our weirdness and bring it to community. Jody Destry

Ancient Paths #2 – Pete Lusk

Continuing new series Ancient Paths. God delights in us when we set some time aside to sit in His presence. What a great encouragement this message from Pete Lusk’s is on the importance of spending time in silence and solitude – to sit and wait on the presence of God. Pete Lusk

Ancient Paths #1 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry began our “Ancient Paths” series looking at the different spiritual practices we can put in that will help us in our journey to getting closer to God. These spiritual practices are not about doing more work but more about resting in the presence of God. Ask for the ancient path and walk in […]