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One Word #5 – Andrew Menzies

Guest speaker Andrew Menzies speaks from Luke Chapter 10 as he shares his perspective on One Word. We look at the time when Jesus sent out the 72 with the command “Go”. Andrew shares about the Logos and Rhema word, and how they work together. Sharing his own story, Andrew demonstrates the power on one […]

Abba Father #2 – Andrew Menzies

It was Fathers Day and we were delighted to have Andrew Menzies with us as our guest speaker. Pastor Andrew’s message focused on how we must take those opportunities to spend time in God’s presence. Using the example of Mary and Martha in scripture, he spoke on how sometimes we needed to put aside some of our […]

Easter Sunday 2014 – Andrew Menzies

Guest Speaker, Andrew Menzies gives a great insight into the events of the day that Christ rose from the grave.  He shares that the message of Easter is that the miraculous gift of resurrection is available for all today and that the Resurrection means that death was conquered once and for all. Andrew Menzies

Vertical_PM: Alignment

Praise aligns us with the purpose that God has for us. In this message, guest Andrew Menzies reveals how praise, when congruent with the way we live, connects us to God’s plan and purpose for our lives. Andrew Menzies

Vertical #1: Perspective

The posture of praise brings God’s perspective into full view. To begin our new series Vertical, guest Andrew Menzies highlights how praise brings a right perspective of God, a right perspective for ministry and a right perspective for our future. Andrew Menzies

Each of us needs All of us #4

In this message you will learn how to love the body of christ. Focussing on how you can fit in serving your local church. Andrew Menzies