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Andrew Scarborough – Guest Speaker

It was with great joy we welcomed Andrew Scarborough home on his visit back to Australia from the USA where he and his family are called to plant a church. Andrew spoke on the critical importance of learning to stand on holy ground and wait on the Lord. His message, peppered with so many personal […]

It’s Complicated #1: The Panel

To kick off our PM series: Relationship Status: It’s Complicated, a group of wise and experienced people gave their thoughts and answered questions on various topics around relationships in society today.

Andrew Scarborough: Honour

Honour is an internal and external respect and love that goes beyond personalities and even circumstances. In this message, Andrew highlights the importance of not just honouring God, but all those in authority. You will discover that when we position ourselves under our leaders with honour, we also place ourselves under their covering.

Andrew Scarborough: Getting Uncomfortable

If the Holy Spirit is called the Comforter, why would we need Him if we remain comfortable in our Christianity? Leveraging off the encounter series, Andrew Scarborough reminds us that people’s lives depend on us listening to the voice of God and doing something about it. This teaching challenges us to trust in the Holy […]

Frontiers #4: God’s will

In this message, Andrew gives insight in approaching and understanding the will of God. You will discover that to truly be effective in reaching out to those around us we need to acknowledge reality, be humble and receive ministry and actually follow through with what God has imparted into our hearts. Andrew Scarborough

Andrew Scarborough: Fight for the Heart

In this message, Andrew shows us that we have to let the heart to heart happen. You will discover that despite our natural tendency to substitute relationship with rules and regulations, we can fight for the heart by getting real, remembering that you can win the battle but lose the war and fighting for and […]

Andrew Scarborough: Encounter God: Loving God

In this encounter night message, Andrew reminds us of how incredibly important and valuable it is to simply tell God that we love Him. You will understand that relationship needs to function both ways and be challenged to take some time to acknowledge how much God means to you. Andrew Scarborough

Follow_Foundations #4: Evangelism

In this message, Andrew talks about how we have to be telling the people we know and even the people we don’t know about Christ. You will be challenged to stop living the cosy and compfortable life that you may be living, and become willing to put your life on the line for the sake […]

Follow_Foundation #2: Worship

In the message Andrew shows us that worship is our appropriate response to what God has done in our lives.  He unpacks why it is so important in our spiritual journey and how we need to worship internally before we worship him externally, so that we can position ourselves to worship God authentically. Andrew Scarborough

Encounter God #5

In this message Andrew talks about living for Jesus in everyday life – in your workplace, university wherever you are – you have been strategically placed. Andrew Scarborough

Each of us needs All of us #3

Andrew talks about volunteering using the scripture of Mark Chapter 10. He also explanis the 3 values of a great volunteer. Serve with Passion, fulfil your responsbility and mutliply yourself. Andrew Scarborough