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Thriving in a changing world — walking into the future, looking backwards

Birthdays and the opportunity to reflect, and this reflection always includes reflecting on CHANGE Question: How do you deal with change? Fight it? Accept it? Contribute to it? Love it? Today is a significant day in the life of Discovery Church, as we both look back in celebrating 75 years of service to this region, […]

A Renovators Dream

Ezra 1:1-6 Ezra – A lens through which to view God’s design for hope and restoration for his people – and as a way of listening together to how God is inviting us to partner with Him in His mission for The Legacy Project. Background & Context: When: two time periods – 538BC rebuilding the […]

The Wisdom of the Crowd

When this mudbrick building was built, everybody was involved—and neighbours too—all in the spirit of the Old Testament history book Ezra where God’s people—and some unexpected neighbours—rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem. The future of the people of God is within the people of God because Holy Spirit is in the people of God; the future […]