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Preparing The Way #8 – Brent Johnson

Pastor Brent Johnson’s message in our Preparing The Way series focuses on God’s providence and faithfulness. It is to Him that we look to and rely on during the seasons of life. Brent Johnson

Future You #7 – Brent Johnson

Pastor Brent Johnson, spoke about how the Future You is determined by the decisions we make today. He spoke specifically on finances and how important it is to steward our finances responsibly in faith and believe God for His blessing of “more than enough”. Brent Johnson

Heroes#4 – Brent Johnson

The lives of Elijah and Elisha, two prophets with the older mentoring the younger. Brave, outspoken with what God had called on them to tell His people. What lessons we can learn! Pastor Brent Johnson drew out some great take home wisdom in this message. Brent Johnson

One Word #4 – How We Hear That Word From God

Pastor Brent Johnson, speaks about how just one word from God can change our life’s direction. He answers the question of how we actually are able to hear God’s voice. Using the example of Samuel we look at how this young boy positioned and postured himself in obedience and openness to God and learn from […]