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Bringing The Heat #7 – Tiani Walters

Have you got “Hurry Sickness”? Discovery Church’s Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters speaks about the importance of the Sabbath in remaining healthy because when our doing exceeds our being we are in danger. The Sabbath is for relationship, rejuvenation & reverence and should be a priority in a healthy life balance. Tiani Walters

Bringing The Heat #5 – Sam Tinsley

Worship Pastor Sam Tinsley speaks on honour and the value of every person. A transformed life is one that expresses honour by action. How we see and treat those around us shows the work of God in our lives and is a testament to His glory. Sam Tinsley [powerpress}

Bringing The Heat #4 – Guest Speaker Rob Nyhuis

It was great to have guest speaker Rob Nyhuis from Churches of Christ Vic/Tas share with us. His message on faith was so encouraging and a reminder that we live by faith, not by sight. Rob Nyhuis  

Bringing The Heat #2 Doug Pors

Doug Pors brings a message of revealing the secret to happiness. He explains that the secret is to have an openhandedness towards God. We do this by having openheartedness towards Him. There is only a rock solid confidence to hold onto when you’re in the hands of a God who keeps His covenant. Doug Pors

Bringing The Heat #3 Kate Boehringer

Kate Boehringer speaks on the tension between Wisdom and Faith in our spiritual journey.As Christians we are often called to step into the unknown. Understanding that there is more to Wisdom than things we know, Kate reminds us that knowing God is the beginning of knowing ourselves and that it is enough to just be […]