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Broken Arrow #7 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry wrapped up our Broken Arrow series with one of the most famous passages of scripture of all time. Teaching from 1 Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath, Matt reminds us that David was considered little more than an insignificant shepherd boy, with nothing in his arsenal that could defeat the legendary […]

Broken Arrow #6 – Matt Destry

Matt Destry speaks on struggling with tiredness as a christian. Teaching from 1 Samuel 27, we see David discouraged and exhausted from being on the run from King Saul. ​The choice David made to rely on his feelings and his own wisdom instead of God had many consequences for the future. David had lost the […]

Broken Arrow #5 – Ben Kumar

Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar speaks in this message of our Broken Arrow series.​ He looks at the grace of God in David’s life and the purpose God has for all of us. We might be broken arrows but arrows nonetheless. In God’s hands we are made perfect weapons against the kingdom of darkness. Ben […]

Broken Arrow #4 – Matt Destry

Father’s Day at Discovery Church. Matt Destry’s message was based around the story of David and his son Absalom. A relationship that ended in tragedy yet David constantly had his heart turned towards his son. As fathers, as men may we always have our hearts ready to turn toward the people in our life and […]

Leadership From The Life of David – Shane Willard

Guest speaker, Shane Willard speaks on Leadership from the Life of David on this special Thursday evening event as part of our Broken Arrow series. We learn the difference between serving out of duty and serving out of sacrifice. When all that we do is done for God, and not from a sense of duty, […]

Broken Arrow #3 – Matt Destry

What is really important, what really matters in our workplace, our family and in our relationships? In this message Matt Destry explains that we already have it, we have that one thing that really matters. The presence of God. All our talents and skills, weaknesses and failings are put into perspective when we carry the […]

Broken Arrow #2 – Phil Hamilton

Discovery Church’s Neighbourhood Pastor, Phil Hamilton​ speaks about the the heart of David, the King, the Adulterer and the Murderer. Despite David’s enormous flaws and sins that many would say were unforgivable, scripture remembers him as a man after God’s own heart. As we look at how David dealt with his sin and how God […]

Broken Arrow #1 – Matt Destry

All the best stories begin from nothing. Matt’s message to launch new series “Broken Arrow” started at the beginning of David’s story. An insignificant youngest son among the many sons of Jesse, David shepherded his father’s flocks. He was the most unlikely of candidates to become a Nation’s king. But God chose a flawed, imperfect […]