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Phil Dooley: #NewNormal

Special guest speaker, Phil Dooley from Hillsong Cape Town, challenges us in this inspiring message with the question “Imagine if what we could become, becomes the new normal in our life?” He explains that with Jesus you don’t have to live overwhelmed, you can live overcoming. #NewNormal Phil Dooley

Nehemiah #2: How to Pray on a Bad Day

In this message, Pastor Rohan takes us through the prayer of Nehemiah as a example of how to pray when we are facing challenges in life. We look at how authentic prayer combined with purposeful action can bring both breakthrough and favour amongst the challenges we face. Rohan Dredge

Nehemiah #1: Behind the Story

God uses people to bring His purposes to pass. In this message, Rohan explores the biblical context to the story of Nehemiah, highlighting the significance of a courageous leader, mobilized community, revived Spirit and a faithful God. Rohan Dredge

Summer Series #4: Second Chances

When things fall apart, it is important to remember that we know the God of second chances. In this message, Matt Destry invites us to lean into God’s forgiveness and restoration, so that we don’t have to run from our story, but can use as a part of our ministry. Matt Destry

Summer Series #4_PM: Position Yourself to Grow

How many of us have actually stopped to evaluate where this year is going to go? In this message, Jody Destry highlights the effort and intentionality it takes; through devoting yourself, running your own race and learning God’s timing to make 2014 a truly worthwhile year. Jody Destry

Come Let Us Adore Him #3: King Herod

Every great story has a villain  The villain in the Christmas story is King Herod. This week Rohan Dredge uncovers the character & context behind the personality of Herod and teaches us that you can’t have a Magi experience with a Herod attitude. Rohan Dredge

Come Let Us Adore Him #1: The Shepherds

An encounter with Jesus changes you. In this message, Rohan explores the experience of the shepherds, highlighting that the announcement of Jesus is accessible to all, and the invitation includes you. Rohan Dredge

So You Said I Do #5: Foundations

The bible presents a picture of marriage that is worth focusing on. In this teaching, Rohan explores marriage as a beautiful covenant, a purposeful union and a divine reflection of the relationship between Christ and His church. Rohan Dredge