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Come Let Us Adore Him #4: Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph show us the humanity in Christmas. In this message, Rohan Dredge we see the story of two unlikely and ordinary people being chosen by God to do something extraordinary. One life can carry Jesus to many lives. Rohan Dredge

Come Let Us Adore Him #3: King Herod

Every great story has a villain  The villain in the Christmas story is King Herod. This week Rohan Dredge uncovers the character & context behind the personality of Herod and teaches us that you can’t have a Magi experience with a Herod attitude. Rohan Dredge

Come Let Us Adore Him #1: The Shepherds

An encounter with Jesus changes you. In this message, Rohan explores the experience of the shepherds, highlighting that the announcement of Jesus is accessible to all, and the invitation includes you. Rohan Dredge