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Corey Turner AM Service – Guest Speaker

Guest speaker Corey Turner returned to Discovery Church with two brilliant messages to wrap up the One Word series. In this morning message he spoke on knowing and hearing the voice of God and how important it is to have ears that are not dull from the residue of daily life. He challenged us by […]

God Stories #4

Guest Speaker Corey Turner wrapped our God Stories series with an incredible message on price tag attached to being a disciple of Jesus. Based on the scripture of Luke 14:25, Corey’s message was very real and challenging for anyone who is serious about taking the next best step in their Christian journey and becoming all […]

Frontiers #5: Get out of the boat

In this message, Corey Turner encourages us not to be an onlooker to the supernatural and powerful works of God, but to actually step out in faith with your focus on Jesus, so that you can be a part of all that God is doing. If you want to walk on water, you have to […]

Yes, No, Wait

In this message Corey teaches about the different seasons in life. Sometimes may really want to see a yes in our life but all that are turning up are no’s. Coreys teaches us to trust Gods plan and that can including waiting until that yes appears. Corey Turner