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Dan Lian – Guest Speaker 6PM Service

Guest Speaker, Dan Lian challenges the common philosophy that once you become a follower of Jesus everything is going to be ok. He speaks plainly and truthfully on what it means to take up our cross and become a Christ follower. This is a powerful message. Dan Lian

Dan Lian – Guest Speaker 10AM Service

It was great to Have Dan Lian join us at Discovery Church again. His message in the morning service was about leaving “Selfie hood” behind and taking on Servanthood. A brilliant message! Dan Lian

Dream Again #6 – Dan Lian

Guest speaker Dan Lian had a great message on his heart, sharing on a creative God who loves to fill spaces, environments and our hearts with beautiful things. God’s character, the essence of His being is Love. God does not choose to love us, He cannot help but love us because He is Love. This […]

Good Friday 2014 – Dan Lian

Guest Speaker Dan Lian delivers an inspiring Good Friday message. He speaks on how God is in love with each and everyone of us and that this is declared loud and clear especially at Easter. The focus of this message is on how we are the Beloved of God and that Good Friday becomes Great […]