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Difference Maker #10 – Rohan Dredge

In the final message in the Difference Maker Series Pastor Rohan Dredge looks at the theme of “Your Invitation Makes a Difference”. By looking at the way Jesus called the first disciples, we come to realise that an invitation to Church or to begin a faith journey does not have to be overly complicated or […]

Difference Maker #9 – Ash Barker

We were very honoured to have Ash Barker, Director of the International Society for Urban Mission speak with us. In this inspiring message Ash shares his heartbeat for Urban Mission. Together we look at the question of risk and the nature of risk. We find that faith, hope and love do take risks and discover […]

Difference Maker #8 – Rohan Dredge

In this challenging message, Pastor Rohan Dredge takes us through the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8:26-40. We see how Philip was prepared and ready for any opportunity to share the gospel. This message shows us not only that the best fruit flows from readiness but also how being in a […]

Difference Maker #5 – Greg Attwells PM

The theme is “Your Worship Makes A Difference”. In this challenging message Creative Pastor, Greg Attwells calls for us to be biblically correct in our priorities. We must never place our calling above the One who called us. He explains how the antithesis of worship is self promotion. Worship displaces self-preoccupation with God-preoccupation. Self-centredness with […]

Difference Maker #4 – Greg Attwells AM

The theme is “Your Worship Makes A Difference” and in this message from Creative Pastor Greg Attwells, we look at how praise and worship are key in spiritual battle. Looking at the text in 2 Chronicles, Chaapter 20, we see that the battle belongs to the Lord. We need to take our positions, stand firm […]