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Do you need more money? (A guide to financial discipleship)

Do you need more money? Money is a form of power — power should be wielded with emotions in check. “There are three conversions necessary: the conversion of the heart, the conversion of the mind, and the conversion of the purse.” Martin Luther Biblical framework: Old Testament – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent […]

Family Resemblance – Jody Destry

Pastor Jody’s message, “Family Resemblance”, part of our “Real Life” series references Ephesians chapter 5 where we are called to be imitators of the Father in all we do, representing Him as His sons and daughters. Jody Destry

VIP Access – Ben Kumar

Pastor Ben Kumar continues our series Real Life with this message as we look at the real Jesus – Prophet, Priest & King. Ben Kumar

An In-Body Experience – Matt Destry

Celebrating the resurrection on Easter Sunday, Pastor Matt Destry speaks about the resurrected body of Christ being fully human and fully divine. Matt Destry

Phillip and the Eunuch – Shane Willard

In this message by guest speaker, Shane Willard we look at the story of Phillip and the Eunuch and ask the question are we a ‘Well or Fences’ kind of church. Shane Willard

RSVP – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt Destry continues our Daily Discipleship series with his message titled RSVP. Matt Destry