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Dream Again #9 – The Spirit & Skill of Bringing

Pastor Rohan teaches on the spirit and skill of bringing in this message of our Dream Again series. We look at how important it is to bear fruit that will last and that by bringing ourselves to Jesus we are best positioned to be bringing others to Him as well. Rohan Dredge

Dream Again #8 – Naming the Dreamer & Naming the Dream

Progressing through Psalm 1, Pastor Rohan moves us towards action in our Dream Again series. It is all about actively choosing to be planted by the Author and Finisher of our faith, and how that choice will determine the pathways of our life. Rohan Dredge

Dream Again #7 – Rohan Dredge

Pastor Rohan invites us to look at Psalm 1 in this message. We come to understand both the joy and the responsibility that comes with being blessed by God. We are blessed so that we can live for others. Rohan Dredge

Dream Again #6 – Dan Lian

Guest speaker Dan Lian had a great message on his heart, sharing on a creative God who loves to fill spaces, environments and our hearts with beautiful things. God’s character, the essence of His being is Love. God does not choose to love us, He cannot help but love us because He is Love. This […]

Dream Again #5 – Vision Offering

A significant message for Discovery Church as we celebrate with joy our Annual Vision offering. Pastor Rohan shares on a Dream Shared and how we are better together. Rohan Dredge

Dream Again #4 – Do’s and Don’t of Dreamers Pt 2

Pastor Rohan concludes his two part message on the Do’s and Don’t of Dreamers. We go deeply into Joseph’s story and learn that an excellent spirit transcends less than excellent environments, that His story IS the story and our dream is ultimately part of THE dream. Rohan Dredge

Dream Again #3 – Rohan Dredge

What are the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Dreams when it comes to the Kingdom of God. Pastor Rohan Dredge explores this question in this third message of the Dream Again series. We learn that often the pathway for the dream can be very different to the picture of the dream. Rohan Dredge

Dream Again #2 – Rohan Dredge

Part 2 of new series Dream Again with Pastor Rohan Dredge encourages us to remember that each of us is holding dreams of different shapes and sizes. We learn that when you are holding a dream from God, remember, influence is better than size. Rohan Dredge