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Encounter #7: Hearing from the Holy Spirit

How can Christians filled with the Holy Spirit confidently sense Him speaking to us and through us? In this message, Rohan teaches the three ways by which the Spirit speaks and how we can test that what we hear falls within clear boundaries for the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged to listen, hear and obey more […]

Encounter #6: Being Filled by the Holy Spirit

Being filled by the Holy Spirit is dependant upon the way we position ourselves before Him. In this message, Rohan invites us to lean into the power of the Holy Spirit through Word-based wisdom, a willingness for His will, a passion for His presence and authenticity in failure so that as we are continually being […]

Encounter #5: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

What is the difference that makes the difference for a Christian? In this message, Rohan teaches us that the baptism of Holy Spirit is a second and subsequent experience to salvation in which we go from being ‘plugged in’ to God to being ‘switched on’ for Christ exalting ministry and that the primary outcome of this experience is […]

Encounter #4: Being Led by the Holy Spirit

How do we avoid being thrown off track when either our internal or external circumstances change? In this message, Rohan shows us that when we surrender to, submit to and obey the Holy Spirit, He shifts us from outsider to identified, wilderness to confidence and from sinfulness to holiness, allowing us to continually move forward whenever […]

Encounter #3: The Presence of the Holy Spirit

In this message, Rohan teaches us that awareness of His presence enables access to His power. Rohan compares the movement of the Holy Spirit in the Old & New Testament, illustrating that the Spirit has now been poured out on all people to empower us for the mission of God. Rohan Dredge

Encounter #2: Theology of The Holy Spirit

In this message Rohan presents the seven fundamental foundations to a clear theology of the Holy Spirit. Having a solid foundation about the person and work of the Holy Spirit is essential to enabling you to take confident steps forward in your spiritual journey. Notice also the moments to personally reflect and apply this learning […]

Encounter #1: The Spirit-led Life

In the first message of our encounter series, Pastor Rohan Dredge teaches us that the spirit-led life begins with a spirit-filled life. After explaining the theological significance of the Holy Spirit, Rohan illustrates the difference between being ‘spirit-led’ and being ‘soul-led’ in this insightful and empowering teaching. Rohan Dredge