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Our frame of reference (the lens we use to view the world)

My family – Picture/update Carrying a bit more weight than I like 110 kilos Going up – bad Going down – good. Our frame of reference affects the way we view things (the lens we use to view the world) Frame of reference. Interpreted through: world view family of origin education life experience current context […]

Who Can You Trust? – Matt Destry

​Celebrating Father’s day 2020, Pastor Matt Destry speaks to us about the everlasting trustworthiness of our Father God. He will never deceive us. He is our great provider. ​​ Matt Destry

Father’s Day, The Generalist – Matt Destry

This special Father’s Day message by Matt Destry includes the audio of videos shown during the message. Matt’s message was title the Generalist. Men today have to multitask like no other generation before them and this message was one of great encouragement. Men, you have what it takes. Men you are approved and loved by […]

Father’s Day 2016 – Rohan Dredge

Pastor Rohan’s Father’s Day message spoke about the great adventure of fatherhood. He talked about how much preparation his father put into being a great dad, preparation that as a child he was blissfully unaware. The takeaway was to be intentional and create memories to keep with your children because the meaning of a moment […]

Fathers’ Day_PM: Discontent

Everyone has a story of how they are formed. In this Father’s Day message, Nathan Want describes the resentment that unaddressed discontent can cause in our relationships. Nathan teaches us that we must call it for what it is, desire for it to be different, bring it to God and seek or give forgiveness. Nathan […]

Fathers’ Day 2013: The Man in the Arena

In this Father’s Day message, Rohan walks us through the lives of Joseph, Gideon and Daniel teaches us that the formation of an excellent spirit is the foundation of an extraordinary man. Rohan Dredge