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Dream with God – Ben Kumar

As part of the Vision 2020 series, Ben Kumar talks about generousity being a key part of finding ourselves in the bigger story. When we give, we’re partnering into the generous heart of God, enabling us to dream with God. What will we choose? Do we choose the small story or do we choose the […]

Fight For Connection – Matt Destry

In this message of the Vision 2020 series, Matt’s speaks all about fighting for connection. If you’re going to fight for anything, fight for connection. In a world that is tearing itself apart and people who are tearing each other apart, families who are being torn apart, lives that are being torn apart, fight for […]

Find Yourself In The Bigger Story – Matt Destry

Launching the Vision 2020 series, Matt Destry invites us all to find ourselves in the bigger story this year. In this culture of being known for what we do, we often don’t know who we actually are, who the person behind the deeds is. When we find ourselves in God’s story, the bigger story and […]