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Welcome Home #1 – Vision Sunday

In this significant message for Discovery Church, Pastor Rohan outlines the model and outworking in 2015 of our unchanging vision to lead people in the passionate pursuit of Jesus. We learn how Jesus mobilised a movement that changed the world and how 2015 is going to be a year of reaching, making and moving people […]

Follow_Foundations #5: The Enemy

In this message Rohan talks about the evil, active plot of the devil to prevent us from living out God’s plan for our lives. You will understand how isolation, distraction, discouragement and disappointment are strategies of the enemy, used to make you lose sight of what really matters. Rohan breaks down what these strategies are […]

Follow_Jesus #5: Anger

In this message Rohan talks about anger, specifically highlighting Jesus’ view of unrighteous anger, what it is, what it does in us and how it can be so unhelpful. You will be challenged, made uncomfortable and forced to evaluate any anger in your life, so that you can identify any issues and use the tools […]

Follow_Foundations #4: Evangelism

In this message, Andrew talks about how we have to be telling the people we know and even the people we don’t know about Christ. You will be challenged to stop living the cosy and compfortable life that you may be living, and become willing to put your life on the line for the sake […]

Follow_Jesus #4: Jesus and the Law

In this message Rohan breaks down Old Testament Law, more specifically Ceremonial Law, Civil Law and Moral Law, in the light of New Testament and Jesus’ sermon on the mount. Rohan Dredge

Follow_Jesus #3: Purpose

In this message Rohan talks about personal life purpose, and more specifically, how we are called to be different, distinctive and daring as Christians in our world. You will understand that as disciples of Christ we are both important and influential, so that we can be empowered to think big, to shine our light in […]

Follow_Foundations #3: Prayer

In this message Nathan expands the idea of prayer simply being a conversation with God. You will discover that prayer is not a formula but rather asking God, seeking after Him and knocking until He opens the door for us, so that we can approach prayer simply, authentically and powerfully in our lives. Nathan Want

Follow_Foundation #2: Worship

In the message Andrew shows us that worship is our appropriate response to what God has done in our lives.  He unpacks why it is so important in our spiritual journey and how we need to worship internally before we worship him externally, so that we can position ourselves to worship God authentically. Andrew Scarborough

Follow_Jesus #2: The Sermon on the Mount

In this message, Rohan leads us through The Beattitudes, highlighting that they are not a list of rules, but rather a framework of what following Christ looks like, against the backdrop of real life. Rohan Dredge

Follow_Foundation #1: Devotions

In this message Nathan Brown highlights the fact that God wants our focus to be on sacred moments with God, rather than on the responses of God. Nathan Brown

Mark Pomery: Dangerous Church

Mark brings a message provocing Christians to be proactive in their faith. He challenges those who are serious about their faith to be prepared to do anything for Christ. Mark Pomery

Allan Meyer

In this message Allan talks about The Church’s need to stand up in local communities and direct broken people to the healing hand of Christ. Allan Meyer