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Formation 101 #4: New Frontiers

When we make a decision to follow Christ, our focus shifts from self to the priority of the Kingdom of God. In this message, Matt Destry reveals that we are sent, with passion and perseverance, to tell people what God has done for us because our purpose flows from our pardon. Matt Destry

Beth Allison: Becoming a New Community

In this message, Beth Allison draws from her own experiences of healthy church community and how that dramatically shaped her life. You will be encouraged to lean into the wholehearted pursuit of authentic church community as a participant and a contributor. Beth Allison

Formation 101 #2: Becoming a New Community

Our fruitfulness for Jesus is the overflow of our connectedness in Him. In this message, Rohan encourages an expectation of fruitfulness, pruning, conviction and connection as we lean into the new community found in Jesus. Rohan Dredge

Formation 101 #1: Becoming a New Creation

Your position in Christ sets you up for usefulness through Christ. In this message, Rohan highlights that in Jesus we are included, connected and positioned to be renewed and restored, transitioned and transformed into someone who can do significant things for His name. Rohan Dredge