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Frontiers #8: The enemy

In this message, Rohan brings to our attention the major strategies of the enemy to bring us down. You will discover that the antidote: to temptation is accountability, to accusation is identity, to deception is truth, to intimidation is faith and to confrontation is to fight back, so that our strength can come from our […]

Frontiers #7: Remember

In this message, Rohan simply shows us how important it is to remember because there is a cost to forgetting. We are blessed in Christ, chosen for a purpose, overwhelmed by grace, called to stay Christ focused and Empowered mightily. The key to remembering all that is praise. Rohan Dredge

Allan Meyer: Salvation

In this message, Allan Meyer reminds us of the importance of remembering the great gift of salvation. You will be challenged, as we step into this new season, to draw near to God, show people hope and love and be a community of encouragement. Will you choose to let your great salvation be so great […]

Frontiers #6: Lean

In this Name Change Dedication message, Rohan challenges us individually and corporately to lean in to this next season of our church by becoming an unstoppable worshiping, discipling, leadership and generational movement in our local and global communities. We can’t choose which way the wind blows, but we can choose to lean. Rohan Dredge

Frontiers #5: Get out of the boat

In this message, Corey Turner encourages us not to be an onlooker to the supernatural and powerful works of God, but to actually step out in faith with your focus on Jesus, so that you can be a part of all that God is doing. If you want to walk on water, you have to […]

Frontiers #4: God’s will

In this message, Andrew gives insight in approaching and understanding the will of God. You will discover that to truly be effective in reaching out to those around us we need to acknowledge reality, be humble and receive ministry and actually follow through with what God has imparted into our hearts. Andrew Scarborough

Frontiers #2: Identity

In this message, Jayne talks about discovering our identity in Christ and how it spring boards us into our destiny with Him. You will discover that identity in God is gained when we draw close to Him so that we can walk confidently and boldly and know who we are in Christ. Jayne Cox

Nathan Want: It’s game on

In this message, Nathan reminds us that as we step into this next season of our church, it’s not game over, but game on. Now is the time deliberately step into discovering Jesus, encountering Him and demonstrating that inward experience to the rest of the world. Nathan Want