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Future Family #5 – Rohan Dredge

Pastor Rohan Dredge concludes the Future Family series by talking about the family value of Rhythm. He explains Rhythm as being the way you make your most important priorities your most significant activities. Rohan Dredge

Future Family #2 – Rohan Dredge

Pastor Rohan’s message was focused on the identity of “ideal” family in the scriptures vs the “real”. We see that every family does fall short of God’s perfect plan for family but Rohan urges us to never lose sight of God’s intention for family. His big idea for this message is “Keep the ideal in […]

Choose Trust – Carey Nieuwhof

What kind of person will I be, what kind of family will I raise in the future? These are the questions raised by our new series Future Family and Future You. Guest speaker Carey Nieuwhof said the answer to these questions lies in the answer to THIS question… What is my default – Trust or […]