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Future You #8 – Heather Johnson

Pastor Heather spoke a great message on laying a strong foundation of faith that will withstand what ever the future throws at us. Drawing from Psalm 23, we see how unswerving faith is possible in every circumstance if the foundation of our faith is strong. Heather Johnson

Future You #7 – Brent Johnson

Pastor Brent Johnson, spoke about how the Future You is determined by the decisions we make today. He spoke specifically on finances and how important it is to steward our finances responsibly in faith and believe God for His blessing of “more than enough”. Brent Johnson

Future You #6 – Jesse Starr

Youth Pastor, Jesse Starr continues our Young Adult series “Future You”. Jesse speaks on the characteristics of Faith filled friends and how vital they are to our spiritual journey. Jesse Starr

Future You #5 – Yana Starr

Discovery Church’s Movement Ministry Leader, Yana Starr speaks on Faith in this great message. A person who is excited and ignited about faith, Yana speaks on the importance of making the decision to be in a position to hear the voice of God. Yana Starr

Future You #2 – Jody Destry

Future You gets properly underway with Jody Destry’s message on “wholeness”. Her big idea is that the best gift we can give ourselves and others is our personal “wholeness”. Jody covers several different roadblocks to wholeness and how, based on scripture we can push through to be healthy, whole people. Jody Destry

Choose Trust – Carey Nieuwhof

What kind of person will I be, what kind of family will I raise in the future? These are the questions raised by our new series Future Family and Future You. Guest speaker Carey Nieuwhof said the answer to these questions lies in the answer to THIS question… What is my default – Trust or […]