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God In Film #7 – Remember The Titans

In this final installment of our God In Film series, Discovery Church Youth Pastor Nathan “Dubsy” Want tackles the attitude of Pride and Humility. In the movie Remember The Titans we see both of these attitudes displayed along with their consequences. Pastor Nathan challenges us to lay our pride down at the feet of Jesus […]

God In Film#6 – Frozen

Continuing our God In Film series, Megan Dredge takes us through the Academy Award winning movie Frozen. As we follow the journeys of the two main characters we learn about the dangers of a frozen heart, we learn of how sometimes that hard fought independence of ours can run the risk of us being isolated. […]

God In Film #5 – The Lego Movie

In this special FX Service message, Generations Pastor, Pete Lusk brings a encouraging message of hope as he unpacks the themes from The Lego Movie. We learn that each of us is individually special and unique to God and that to move into our destiny we simply need to take the next best step. Peter […]

God In Film #4 – Saving Mr Banks

Pastor Rohan Dredge explores the beautiful themes of Redemption and Restoration that run through the movie “Saving Mr Banks”. We learn through the movie that no matter the wounds of our past, we have the power to choose how we process them. We can dwell on them and let those wounds dictate who we are […]

God In Film #2 = The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

In this second message in our God In Film series, Pastor Matt Destry takes us on a journey through the life of Walter Mitty. We learn how dreams for many are a form of escape, a way of leaving behind the boredom or unpleasantness we can face in real life. Pastor Matt explains how God […]

God in Film #1 – The Pursuit of Happyness

Our first movie for the God in Film series was the Pursuit of Happyness. Pastor Rohan Dredge draws out the major themes of the movie and applies them to the life of faith. He looks at Responsibility, Perserverance, Hope and how these things are vital in protecting the dream that God has placed within each […]