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Origins #5 Good Friday – Matt Destry

We see the origins of Good Friday in the story in Exodus of blood of the Passover Lamb. Matt Destry brings out the significance of the Passover and how it pointed to the Lamb of God, Jesus. Matt Destry

Good Friday – Rohan Dredge

Confident belief begins with humble recognition is the Big Idea from Pastor Rohan’s message for Good Friday. As we examine 3 central characters around the death of Christ, we see that recognising our own failures and doubts is the very foundation of developing confidence in the One who see us for who we are and […]

Good Friday 2015 – Rohan Dredge

For this Good Friday message, Pastor Rohan Dredge unpacks a quote by N.T. Wright, “The message of Easter is that God’s new world has been unveiled in Jesus Christ and you’re now invited to belong to it.” We are reminded that when Jesus said “It is Finished” that all was accomplished for us to belong, […]

Good Friday 2014 – Dan Lian

Guest Speaker Dan Lian delivers an inspiring Good Friday message. He speaks on how God is in love with each and everyone of us and that this is declared loud and clear especially at Easter. The focus of this message is on how we are the Beloved of God and that Good Friday becomes Great […]

Unstuck #5: The price of grace

In this Good Friday message, Rohan Dredge unpacks what it meant when Jesus said ‘it is finished.’ You will discover that the work is complete, the way is established and the walk is invited, so that we can be in relationship with God and righteous in His eyes. Rohan Dredge