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God Stories #2

God Stories is all about what happens when heaven and earth collide. What happens when God reaches down to the earth and we reach heavenward? Pastor Greg Attwells leads and facilitates a series of wonderful “God Stories” (testimonies) from within the lives of those who call Discovery Church home. These stories of God’s goodness and […]

Scarcity & Abundance

Scarcity & Abundance Greg Attwells – Creative Pastor Consumerism and scarcity are 2 sides of the same coin. Consumerism says, “what I have isn’t good enough…. I need more.” Scarcity says, “there simply isn’t enough to go round so I need to store and save up more for myself”. There is another coin. One side […]

Difference Maker #5 – Greg Attwells PM

The theme is “Your Worship Makes A Difference”. In this challenging message Creative Pastor, Greg Attwells calls for us to be biblically correct in our priorities. We must never place our calling above the One who called us. He explains how the antithesis of worship is self promotion. Worship displaces self-preoccupation with God-preoccupation. Self-centredness with […]

Difference Maker #4 – Greg Attwells AM

The theme is “Your Worship Makes A Difference” and in this message from Creative Pastor Greg Attwells, we look at how praise and worship are key in spiritual battle. Looking at the text in 2 Chronicles, Chaapter 20, we see that the battle belongs to the Lord. We need to take our positions, stand firm […]

Vertical #2: The Sacrifice of Praise

In this message, Creative Pastor Greg Attwells unpacks our New Covenant responsibility as priests to minister to the Lord in praise. The sacrifice of praise is a response to the sacrifice of Jesus and how we lead ourselves into the reality of His Kingdom. Greg Attwells

Greg Attwells: Graced

In this message, Greg Attwells shows us that grace is the willingness of God to labor on our behalf for a specific purpose. You will discover that each of us carries a God appointed assignment, and when we get involved, listen, sacrifice and yield, it will allow us to carry an abundance of fruit. Greg […]