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Preparing The Way #6 – Heather Johnson

Pastor Heather Johnson’s message is one of encouragement in times of darkness and despair. As we look up and lift our eyes to heaven we are reminded that seasons of wilderness often precede destiny. Heather Johnson

Vision Offering – Prayer

Pastor Heather Johnson’s message on Prayer used the Lord’s Prayer as the blueprint for praying. It was a fresh look at the prayer that empathised how powerful prayer is. Heather’s Big Idea of the message was that “Yesterday’s prayers are the launching pad for today’s miracles.” Heather Johnson

Renewing the Mind #6 – Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson looks at how tearing down the things in our life that we have set up in place of God’s promises – negative thinking, strongholds and fear – is a significant part of Renewing The Mind. Jesus died for every single one of us to walk in freedom. Heather Johnson

Future You #8 – Heather Johnson

Pastor Heather spoke a great message on laying a strong foundation of faith that will withstand what ever the future throws at us. Drawing from Psalm 23, we see how unswerving faith is possible in every circumstance if the foundation of our faith is strong. Heather Johnson