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Homegrown #6 – Jono & Erin Baker

Jono & Erin used the analogy of a garden in their message to the church as part of the Homegrown series. Speaking about tending our “soul garden” with healthy spiritual practices, they challenged us to put in the hard work and then to expect Godly fruit. Jono & Erin Baker

Homegrown #4 – Mel & Doug Pors

Sharing from their own story of how God spoke clearly to them to set aside the problems and distractions of life as an excuse to avoid seeking more of Him, Mel and Doug tell of the incredible change in their lives since discovering the principle of Now Makes Later Better. Mel & Doug Pors

Homegrown #1 – Paul Cameron

Eliminate, Reduce, Raise, Create. On Sunday, as we closed off the year 2017, Paul Cameron encouraged us to reduce and eliminate whatever it is that is stopping us from resolving issues in our lives in order to bring restoration. Once we eliminate the things that hold us back, we will then be enabled to raise […]