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Greater Things – Jody Destry

For Pentecost Sunday, our final Sunday of the House to House series, Jody Destry shares her message “Greater Things”. Jody speaks on how we are in a season of regeneration – a season of new life – for us and our communities. Every one of us can receive Holy Spirit’s power to live supernaturally. We […]

Come to the Table – Tiani Walters

Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters speaks from Acts 27, answering the question – what does Paul teach us about God in the midst of our life’s storms? God is a sure foundation. He promises grace kindness and peace even in the midst of fear. We can be seated at His table and rest in His presence. […]

New Things, A Conversation – Matt Destry, Tiani Walters & Kate Boehringer

Following on from the message “New Things”, Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters and Kids Pastor, Kate Boehringer join Pastor Matt to discuss their thoughts on the Acts 10 passage. It is great to listen to their testimonies of times when they’ve participated in the new thing God has been doing. Matt Destry, Tiani Walters & Kate […]

New Things – Matt Destry

Pastor Matt Destry preaches in this message from our House To House series from Acts 10, asking the question – are we ready for God to do a new thing? God has new wells, new connections and new communities for us to experience. Matt Destry

Spirituality 20/20 – Ben Kumar

Discovery Church’s Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar preaches a great message in our sermon series, “House To House”. Ben tells us that there are times when we need to become blind to the things that distract us in order to gain 20/20 vision in the Spirit. Ben Kumar

The Desert Road – A Conversation. Matt Destry, Olivia McGrechan & Ben Kumar​

Young Adults Pastor, Ben Kumar and Pre-School Pastor, Olivia McGrechan joined Senior Pastor Matt Destry to share personal testimonies of how God has used them in their limitations. God does not use mankind’s’ scales to judge people. He wants to reach every person on this planet regardless of the barriers that they may face. We […]

The Desert Road – Matt Destry

In this message from series “House To House”, Senior Pastor Matt Destry shares how God uses our limitations to bring life to others; how He gives us guidance in real time and how Jesus has removed all barriers that stop us from entering the Kingdom of God. This is a good news story for ALL of us. Matt […]