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The Other Side of Love – Kate Boehringer

​Pastor Kate Boehringer’s message is titled “The other Side of Love”. She speaks from Hebrews 12:18-29. We are reminded that there is no longer any need to fear condemnation. We are no longer in the state of before finding God’s love. We are on the other side of His love. ​In the context of relationship […]

New Things, A Conversation – Matt Destry, Tiani Walters & Kate Boehringer

Following on from the message “New Things”, Youth Pastor, Tiani Walters and Kids Pastor, Kate Boehringer join Pastor Matt to discuss their thoughts on the Acts 10 passage. It is great to listen to their testimonies of times when they’ve participated in the new thing God has been doing. Matt Destry, Tiani Walters & Kate […]

Stories of Summer #5 – Kate Boehringer

Discovery Kids Pastor Kate Boehringer, speaks on being expectant for more in life. We live in a country of plenty yet still feel unfulfilled and needing more. We find the more in God. Kate Boehringer

The Hope We Carry – Kate Boehringer

Discovery Kids Pastor, Kate Boehringer preaches a brilliant message on the Hope we carry for the rest of the world. The Kingdom of God is one of love, hope and beauty and Kate challenges us by asking what beauty will we add with our lives to the Kingdom. Kate Boehringer

Bringing The Heat #3 Kate Boehringer

Kate Boehringer speaks on the tension between Wisdom and Faith in our spiritual journey.As Christians we are often called to step into the unknown. Understanding that there is more to Wisdom than things we know, Kate reminds us that knowing God is the beginning of knowing ourselves and that it is enough to just be […]

Life Hacks #3 – Kate Boehringer

Kids Pastor Kate Boehringer, preached at great message for our 3rd message in the Life Hacks series. This week’s Life Hack was “Serving”. Kate said as Jesus served us, even unto death and won, we too win when we serve. Kate Boehringer