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Life Hacks #5 – Sam Tinsley

Life Hack #5 is Worship and who better to take on this message than Discovery Church’s Worship Pastor, Sam Tinsley. Sam Tinsley

Life Hacks #4 – Tiani Walters

Life Hack #4 is Community Life. Tiani Walter’s message focuses on how life as part of a community is nourishment to our soul. Living life in a healthy community adds vibrancy to our lives. Tiani teaches that a healthy community is one where there are open hearts, open minds and open hands. Tiani Walters

Life Hacks #3 – Kate Boehringer

Kids Pastor Kate Boehringer, preached at great message for our 3rd message in the Life Hacks series. This week’s Life Hack was “Serving”. Kate said as Jesus served us, even unto death and won, we too win when we serve. Kate Boehringer

Life Hacks #1 – Matt Destry

First message in the Life Hacks series. Keys to a fun and meaningful faith. Matt Destry uses this first message in the Life Hacks series to focus on the Word of God. We all know that as Christians we should be reading the bible but often struggle to do so consistently. Matt shows us the […]