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So You Said I Do #3: Seasons

Every marriage, relationship and life is subject to ever changing seasons. In this message, Megan Dredge teaches us how to navigate through these seasons encouraging us to identify the purpose of every season and to respond appropriately. Megan Dredge

So You Said I Do #2: Responsibility for Relationships

In this teaching, Pastor Rohan teaches us that it takes a step up to fix up a mess up! Looking at some lessons from the life of King Saul, this teaching shows us how to take personal responsibility for our relationships. Rohan Dredge

So You Said I Do #1: Family of Origin

Every marriage is made up of two different people with two different family backgrounds. In this message, Rohan discusses how to accommodate family of origin by moving from the covering of the family and creating something new to build on and unite under. Rohan Dredge

It’s Complicated #1: The Panel

To kick off our PM series: Relationship Status: It’s Complicated, a group of wise and experienced people gave their thoughts and answered questions on various topics around relationships in society today.